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Express Clearance Information

Customs & Regulations

Import Duty and Taxes
Malaysia maintains a de minimis value threshold of MYR500 on inbound shipments

Shipment Value below MYR500
Tax 0%
Shipment Value above MYR500
Sales & Service Tax (SST) 5 - 10%
Import Duties 0 - 25%

You may check the tariff amount for your commodity here


Documents required by Malaysia's customs clearance include :

1. Packing List
This gives product details, shipment volume in kilogram or
cubic meter, and serves as a checklist to ensure shipment
has been packed correctly or not

2. Commercial Invoice
This gives total shipment value usually in US dollar. Helps to
determine the import duties and taxes, and eligibility of shipemtn

If you are shipping without a logistic partner that can clear
customes on your behalf, you may need to include the
following shipping documentation as well:

  • Certificate of origin
  • Bill of lading or airway bill
  • Insurance policy
  • Other relevant permits, licenses, and certificates