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  1. How do I ship with FMX?
    You may email to for more details for account opening.
  2. What is the documents needed to send via International Express?
    You are required to attach a set of packing list and invoice onto the parcel together with shipping label.
  3. How do you charge with this new volumetric weight formula implemented?
    We will still take whichever higher of actual weight or volumetric weight of the consignment as the final weight charges. New volumetric weight formula is Length x Width x Height / 5000
  4. Will the new volumetric calculations apply to all services under FMX?
    Yes, it is applicable to both Express & Economy services delivery to Peninsular Malaysia, East Malaysia and Internationally.
  5. What is the timeline to reach receiver?
    Different services will have different timeline. You may refer to our FMX Services page for more details on respective service and timeline.
  6. Can I still make changes in my shipping details after tendered to FMX?
    Unfortunately you are not allowed to make changes once it is tendered to FMX as the shipment may be in transit on its way to receiver.
  7. How do I track my parcel?
    You may track your parcel using our track shipment page by keying in FMX tracking number or customer’s reference number. Tracking method via Web Services (API) is also available upon request.
  8. Will there be any additional surcharges impose shipping with FMX?
    There will be additional surcharge for example reverse pick-up or outskirts area. For more information, please contact our sales personnel at or your dedicated account manager.
  9. Can FMX deliver to PO box address?
    No, as there is no one to sign and accept the package.
  10. How to request a copy of POD from FMX team?
    You may email to within 2 months from the delivered date as per stated in the standard T&C point 9. Alternatively, shipper can check in their Client Interface Technology (CIT).
  11. Can I still file a claim once I gotten the copy of POD from FMX team but it shows an invalid POD?
    Yes, provided is within 2 months and it is solely based on case to case basis as FMX internally will investigate and provide the necessary findings.
  12. Can I file claim on perishable shipments?
    No, as perishable is considered Non General Cargo commodities. Please refer our standard T&C point 11.
  13. What do I do if my parcel is lost/damage?
    You may send in your intention of claims to to be process.
  14. Can I file a claim if shipment delivered is damaged or lost?
    Any claim(s) by the Customer for loss(es) or damage(s) shall be filed in writing within seven (7) working days from the date the loss(es) or damage(s) was discovered, failing which, it is deemed that the Customer will not proceed with the filing and FMX shall not be held liable whatsoever. For damage claim, the content and original packaging shall be made available to FMX within fourteen (14) days from the date of written notification in order for FMX to evaluate the damage.
  15. What is the maximum claim liability per consignment that I can file?
    Default maximum liability of each shipment is up to RM200 (whichever lower) depending on the value of your consignment, with you providing the supporting invoice of the goods sold. FMX’s liability is strictly limited to direct loss or damage only and not for any consequential and/or indirect loss(es).
  16. Can I claim more than RM200 liability?
    Yes, you can opt for the additional insurance purchase and coverage up to RM20,000. Please refer point 11 in our standard T&C. For more information, please contact our sales personnel at or your dedicated account manager.
  17. What is the late payment surcharge about?
    FMX reserve the rights to charge additional 1.5% monthly of any necessary outstanding charges depending on the agreed credit term. For more information, please contact our sales personnel at or your dedicated account manager.